Lonsec Fiscal

The Lonsec Fiscal group of companies brings together a range of businesses that provide finance professionals and their clients with services that help them create wealth and inspire prosperity.


For more than 20 years, Lonsec has empowered financial services professionals with disciplined, actionable investment research, securities services and strategies that add value to their client relationships. While the services offered have evolved over time, uncompromising quality and client focus remain paramount.

Today, the broader Lonsec Group continues to provide financial advisers, superannuation funds and investors with integrated market intelligence and investment services that ultimately help people to prosper.

Lonsec Research provides in-depth, investigative investment research across a broad range of listed and unlisted investments. Our expert team of experienced investment analysts and consultants provides insight and analysis, practical asset allocation and portfolio construction advice.

Other businesses

Lonsec Fiscal has a number of other businesses that complement the services offered by Lonsec.

SuperRatings offers in-depth analysis, insights and tools to help enhance retirement outcomes for superannuation fund members and its products can help super funds attract, retain and deliver better outcomes for members.

Education is a key plank of SuperSavvy, which provides fund comparisons, details of investment options and assists fund members to determine the best product and contribution strategies.

AdviserNetwork supports superannuation funds in their provision of advice and member directed investment products.