Investment Consulting

Lonsec Research’s leading team of investment consultants deliver tailored, client-driven insights and analysis for financial advisers, dealer groups and superannuation funds. Lonsec Investment Consulting’s services include core managed fund model portfolios, strategic asset allocation advice and a range of historical asset class and benchmark data.

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Implementable advice

Lonsec's investment consulting team adds value by translating general research to specific client-driven outcomes.

Subscribers to Lonsec's unlisted research get access to a range of insights and advice from the investment consulting team, including:

  • Core managed fund model portfolios, including detailed performance reports and regular structure reviews
  • Strategic asset allocation advice
  • A range of historical asset class and benchmark data
  • Risk profile frameworks, summaries and statistics
  • Chart pack, a series of charts and explanatory notes to assist financial advisers communicate common investment principles to their clients

There are additional services available, including:

  • Preset model portfolios, designed around the menus of six key platforms
  • Diversified Direct model portfolios, diversified portfolios solely using listed investments
  • Asset allocation tool, which uses Lonsec's tested IP to bring asset allocation to life

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Bespoke consulting services

Bespoke consulting services can be customised to specific requirements of dealer group clients and superannuation funds.

We take a client-centric approach to providing research and consulting, and engage with key stakeholders across the industry to ensure the advice we deliver is consistent, relevant and practical.

  • Tailored model portfolios
  • Approved product lists
  • Investment committee participation
  • Asset allocation advice
  • Customised projects as required

Lonsec's investment consulting team also undertakes capability reviews for financial product providers.

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Lonsec Retire

Lonsec Retire is a central point of access for objectives-based retirement portfolio construction innovation and thought leadership, giving financial advisers the tools and strategies to provide better retirement solutions for their clients.

A subscription to Lonsec Retire provides:

  • Access to retirement focused research
  • Portfolio construction guide to creating objectives-based retirement portfolios
  • Lonsec Retirement Lifestyle Model Portfolios
  • Retirement specific approved product list (APL)
  • Access to Lonsec research reports underpinning the products in both the APL and model portfolios.

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