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Lukasz de Pourbaix

AuthorLukasz de Pourbaix

TitleChief Investment Officer, Lonsec Investment Solutions

DateMarch 23, 2018



We’re excited to announce that due to continued growth across all of our businesses, including Lonsec Research, our Sydney teams have moved into new premises.

The good news is we haven’t moved far – we’re just down the road. Importantly, it means all of our teams will be on the same floor, which will allow greater collaboration as we execute a number of exciting new projects. This move also allows this to occur in a new and vibrant environment for our staff, while providing enhanced meeting facilities for our clients.

We are now located at: Level 21, 200 George Street

When arriving at 200 George Street, please head to the concierge desk and ask for Lonsec Research. We will need to ensure you are registered with our concierge prior to your arrival.

Getting in touch
Our phone numbers will remain the same.

We look forward to welcoming you soon.

For more information contact:

Gordon Toy
03 9623 6373

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