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AuthorDylan Pike

DateNovember 12, 2018



For the third year in a row, Lonsec has been announced as the Research House of the Year according to Money Management’s 2018 Rate the Raters Survey, voted on by financial advisers, winning eight out of a possible ten categories. Most notably, Lonsec ranked first for quality of staff, client service and corporate strength, highlighting the depth of knowledge and expertise across our Research team.

Here’s a full list of categories in which Lonsec was rated highest:

Website and Tools
Demonstrating the strength of our online Research portal, iRate.

Quality of staff and the level of professional experience amongst the team.

Client Service
Client-focused and helping our clients achieve their goals.

Value for Money
The level of value our research gives financial advisers as part of the high-quality, tailored advice solutions offered to clients.

Corporate Strength
Our corporate governance has strengthened this year.

Asset Allocation Research
Recognition of the rigorous research methodology and the value-add it brings to our clients.

Model Portfolio
Quality of the tailored, institutional-grade model portfolios created by the Investment Solutions team.

Our research offering provides the highest value available in the market.

To find out more about the Money Management Rate the Raters survey, visit:

For more information contact:

Gordon Toy
03 9623 6373

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