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Libby Newman

AuthorLibby Newman

TitleExecutive Director

DateMay 21, 2019



Last week, we partnered with Money Management to recognise the best performing funds at the annual Money Management and Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year Awards Dinner. A full list of winners can be found below.

Congratulations to all of our award winners and nominees!

Category Winner
Australian Large Cap Equities AB Managed Volatility Equities Fund
Australian Small Cap Equities Perennial Value Microcap Opportunities Trust
Global Equities Generation Wholesale Global Share Fund
Global Emerging Market Equities Fidelity China Fund
Long/Short Equities Solaris Australian Equity Long Short Fund
Responsible Investments Australian Ethical Australian Shares Fund (Wholesale)
Australian Property Securities Pendal Property Securities Fund
Global Property Securities Quay Global Real Estate Fund
Infrastructure Securities Magellan Infrastructure Fund
Direct Property Australian Unity Retail Property Fund
Australian Fixed Income Janus Henderson Australian Fixed Interest Fund
Global Fixed Income Colchester Global Government Bond Fund Class I
Alternative Strategies Partners Group Global Value Fund (AUD) – Wholesale
Multi-Asset BMO Pyrford Global Absolute Return
ETF Provider Van Eck
SMA Provider AB Concentrated Global Growth Equities Portfolio
Listed Products (LICs & LITs) Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited
Retirement and Income Focussed Legg Mason Martin Currie Real Income Fund
Emerging Manager Lennox Australian Small Companies Fund
Fund Manager of the Year AllianceBernstein

For more information contact:

Gordon Toy
03 9623 6373

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