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We provide financial product research and investment insights to empower your financial advice. The wealth creation sector is evolving at a rapid pace, with significant growth in the number of financial products being brought to market and a transformation in financial advice delivery.

Our role is to leverage your knowledge and expertise, and to equip you with the tools and insights needed to deliver high quality, tailored financial advice solutions.

Latest initiatives

Retirement Symposium 2017—Open for registrations

Please join us for the Retirement Symposium 2017, where you will hear from the leading voices in retirement, including Jeremy Cooper, Chairman of Retirement Income at Challenger, Stuart Rae, CIO of Asia-Pacific Value Equities at AB, and Bernard Del Rey, CEO and Founder of Capital Preferences. Join us in Melbourne and Sydney – register now to secure your place. Register now

Lonsec Pulse

The key to success is more than just finding the right investment solution. It is about connecting with the right people and ideas. That’s why we’ve created Lonsec Pulse, a new initiative dedicated to financial advisers that gives you direct access to the investing ideas and industry insights of Lonsec’s subscriber community. Start the conversation

Empower your portfolios with BIOmetrics

Lonsec has launched its new BIOmetrics feature in iRate, going beyond traditional product ratings to enable users to assess and target their exposure to specific investment objectives. Integrating with iRate’s portfolio construction tool, BIOmetrics represent the next evolutionary step in financial product research, allowing you to provide personalized investment solutions. Read more

July Investment Outlook Report

In the July edition of the Investment Outlook Report we provide our usual analysis of the key economic and market developments from Australia and around the world. Valuations across most markets continue to look expensive (albeit not at extreme high levels) and we continue to monitor the trajectory of economic indicators. Subscribe

Weighing the Fixed Income Sector

Libby Newman, General Manager of Fixed Interest and Multi-Asset, and Jude McDonnell, Senior Analyst, take a look at how bond managers are positioned heading into 2017, while assessing emerging trends in products and markets. While fixed income markets may be signalling the end of the easing cycle, there are a host of factors that investors must take into account.

ESG Investing

What is often characterised as a niche sector in the world of managed funds is becoming increasingly powerful as well as popular. Senior Analyst Steve Sweeney explains how growing awareness of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are transforming the way we invest.

Global Equities Sector Review

Join Senior Analyst Rui Fernandes as he takes us through the major themes shaping global equities. Brexit has been a defining event for equities markets, but how have fund managers been dealing with the fallout? How is product innovation creating a more transparent environment and what does it mean for the sheltered world of active management?

Recent Activity

Infrastructure Fund Performance Reveals Sector’s Hidden Diversity

Date November 23rd 2016
Author Gordon Toy
Category News

The classic challenge for the listed infrastructure sector has always been the lack of a commonly accepted benchmark, but market conditions over the past year have highlighted just how diverse the asset class is.


Lonsec Wins Rating House of the Year 2016

Date November 21st 2016
Author Lonsec Research
Category News

Lonsec Research Wins Rating House of the Year 2016


Investors See Alternatives as Key Diversifier

Date November 2nd 2016
Author Gordon Toy
Category News

Despite recent underperformance, alternatives are still seen by investors as a valuable addition to their portfolios, particularly in terms of providing diversification benefit, with client interest ticking upwards over the past two years.