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Investment product research and insights to empower your financial advice

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Investment product research and insights to empower your financial advice

Lonsec is one of Australia’s leading investment research houses, providing financial product ratings, market insights and portfolio construction tools to empower financial advisers, dealer groups and fund managers.

Our mission is to help you leverage your knowledge and expertise, and to equip you with the tools and insights you need to deliver high quality, tailored financial advice solutions to your clients.

With Lonsec Research you can...

Filter your investment product universe using a range of qualitative and quantitative metrics to help you meet your best interest obligations

Access unparalleled breadth and depth of qualitative research, including managed fund, listed product, and super fund research, through a single portal

Clearly demonstrate the value of your financial advice using our cutting edge portfolio construction and reporting tools

Did you know?

We review over 1,000 managed fund products across all asset classes

We are rated no.1 by financial advisers for our portfolio tools, asset allocation research, and overall value for money

79 of the top 100 dealer groups subscribe to our ratings and investment research

How can we help?


Financial advisers are now able to access investment research, encompassing clients’ whole of life needs, with ...


Investors are constantly warned of an impending crisis in financial markets with the resultant damage to asset ...


Emerging market returns have been a cause for concern over recent weeks but by taking a broader perspective, ...


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have become a popular way for investors to gain exposure not only to passive ...


Following an extensive market search, Lonsec is pleased to announce the appointment of Libby Newman to the role ...


Volatility has died down since the dramatic spike witnessed in February 2018, but a return to near-historic lows ...


In the wake of Facebook’s plummeting share price, there has been much talk of the so-called FAANG shares and ...


Investors sticking to the traditionally high quality, conservative part of global bond markets may be surprised ...


Don’t bother calling your broker when the World Cup is on the TV. Analysis of share volumes shows there is a ...


Shareholders burnt by Telstra’s dividend cut and spiralling share price should be wary of high yield shares with ...


Australia’s small cap shares have continued their extraordinary run of outperformance, returning 4.1% over the ...


Australian fund managers with a value focused investment strategy are struggling to keep up with the index as ...

27 May 2019 - Behavioural finance tells us that herd behaviour is hard wired into our brains. As investors we don’t want to ...

WAAAX, FAANG, and the market’s bucket mentality

21 May 2019 - Last week, we partnered with Money Management to recognise the best performing funds at the annual Money ...

2019 Fund Manager of the Year Awards

3 Apr 2019 - Last night Treasurer Frydenberg handed down his first budget a month before the regular budget season. With the ...

Budget’s fate will be determined by the economy

25 Mar 2019 - The date for Britain’s departure from the European Union is still very much TBC. Prime Minister May went to ...

Which fund managers are most exposed to Brexit?

21 Mar 2019 - The Australian equity market reacted positively to the February reporting season, providing a relief rally after ...

How reporting season shaped the market

18 Feb 2019 - Labor’s proposed changes to franking credits will result in a meaningful reduction in income for zero or low tax ...

Franking credit overhaul will leave investors out of pocket

12 Feb 2019 - Earlier this month, at his first public speech for 2019, RBA Governor Phil Lowe conceded the rate outlook is now ...

RBA reassesses its outlook for the Australian economy

7 Feb 2019 - The financial services industry was collectively holding its breath on Monday as Commissioner Hayne delivered ...

Winds of change came well before the Royal Commission

21 Jan 2019 - An all too common mistake in investing, is to simply back last year’s winner. On the face of it, it seems ...

Why following the winner might make you a loser

12 Jan 2019 - Australia’s small cap shares have rarely failed to capture investors’ imaginations, not least for their ability ...

Is the Australian small cap miracle an illusion?

19 Dec 2018 - It is easy to see why the unconstrained approach is so appealing to investors. By taking a ‘benchmark agnostic’ ...

Unconstrained bonds and hidden risks

6 Dec 2018 - This year has been challenging for fixed income investors across all sectors, but the extraordinary developments ...

Crunch time for emerging market debt

12 Nov 2018 - For the third year in a row, Lonsec has been announced as the Research House of the Year according to Money ...

Lonsec WINS Research House of the Year 2018

1 Nov 2018 - The SuperRatings and Lonsec Day of Confrontation 2018 may be over, but the conversation hasn’t finished. ...

Day of Confrontation 2018: Media highlights

1 Nov 2018 - Congratulations to all of the award winners & finalists from this year’s SuperRatings and Lonsec Fund of the ...

Lonsec award winners confirmed!

15 Oct 2018 - Don’t miss the premier awards night for superannuation and wealth management industries The 16th Annual ...

Award nominees are in!

4 Sep 2018 - Thank you for joining in the conversation Thank you for attending this year’s Retirement Symposium and ...

Thank you for attending the Lonsec Retirement Symposium

16 Aug 2018 - Originally published by Investor Strategy News, 12 August 2018 There’s a whole industry that has developed ...

Footy legend Brendon Gale’s lessons in leadership for super funds

12 Jul 2018 - What can fund managers learn from the most successful World Cup teams? For every on-field win, there is a lot ...

How to build a World Cup winning investment team

Upcoming Events

Lonsec and Legg Mason Webinar


Wednesday 25 September





More Information:

Join Will Baylis, Portfolio Manager at Martin Currie, and Michael Elsworth, Executive Manager - Investment Consulting at Lonsec for a live discussion.

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Upcoming Events

Lonsec and Invesco Retire Partner Event Melbourne


Friday 11 October (Melbourne)


L7 90 Collins St


10AM - 12PM

More Information:

Join the Lonsec Investment Consulting team, along with Eleece Quilliam, National Manager, Invesco Consulting and Ashley O'Connor, Head of Investment Strategy, Invesco to discuss the following topics: The New Retirementality- Help Them Find It and The Retirement Dilemma - Balancing Fear and Greed.

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Upcoming Events

Lonsec and Invesco Retire Partner Event Sydney


Friday 18 October (Sydney)


L21 200 George St


10AM - 12PM

More Information:

Join the Lonsec Investment Consulting team, along with Eleece Quilliam, National Manager, Invesco Consulting and Ashley O'Connor, Head of Investment Strategy, Invesco to discuss the following topics: The New Retirementality- Help Them Find It and The Retirement Dilemma - Balancing Fear and Greed.

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Upcoming Events

SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards Dinner


Wednesday 30 October


Grand Hyatt
123 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000



More Information:

The 17th Annual SuperRatings Fund of the Year Awards Dinner is a must-attend black tie, gala event for the superannuation and wealth management industries.
For more information, please visit:

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Our Services

Investment product research & ratings

Access in-depth qualitative research across Lonsec’s universe of listed and unlisted investment products.

Build a complete picture of your client’s investment portfolio and match investment products to your clients’ needs.

Aid your client’s understanding of your investment solutions and facilitate more informed and insightful conversations.

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Specialised super fund research

Demystify your client’s super with in-depth research based on the most extensive benchmarking survey conducted in the Australian market.

Compare over 600 superannuation products across 300 qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

Create simple yet powerful side-by-side comparisons of funds based on key product information and data.

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Model portfolios & managed accounts

Leverage Lonsec’s scalable portfolio solutions backed by the depth and breadth of our investment product research.

Develop your own quality managed account solutions by leveraging our experience in portfolio construction and managed account structures.

Focus on your clients’ financial advice experience by using Lonsec as your professional model portfolio manager.

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Investment consulting & portfolio construction

Implement high-quality investment advice and solutions tailored to your business and client needs.

Combine high-conviction insights with Lonsec’s extensive portfolio construction expertise to deliver on your investment objectives.

Gain greater confidence in your investment process, from asset allocation to security selection and governance.

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Navigate the investment product universe with iRate

iRate is our market leading research platform, giving you access to our full range of financial product research and tools. Combining cutting edge technology with an intuitive user experience, iRate delivers all your investment needs in a single platform.

Managed funds research

  • Fund Reviews, ratings and announcements and daily commentary
  • Export quantitative data on 10,000 + funds
  • Access manager selection expertise across a range of risk profiles

Selection of product filters to determine the most suitable investments

Receive market leading research and investment insights

Equities & listed product research

  • Research covering all ASX 200 shares and listed securities
  • Corporate action and IPO research
  • Shares identified as growth or income generating
  • Specialist research and analysis of ASX listed income securities (hybrids)
  • Coverage of ETF’s, SMA’s and mFunds

Advanced iRate package offering portfolio construction and quantitative analysis tools

Clearly demonstrate the value of advice through customisable reports and metrics

Super fund research

  • Research covering 600 superannuation products across over 300 fund characteristics
  • Fund Snapshots available for 6,000 + investment Options covering MySuper, Member Choice and Pension
  • Comparison tool to effectively compare products on key metrics

Selection of filters to determine the most suitable super fund option

Access super fund expertise from the SuperRatings team






Portfolio management tools

  • Construct, model and compare client portfolios
  • Track time-series portfolio changes
  • Compare up to five different portfolios using 16 metrics
  • Generate customisable portfolio and market reports covering any period

Invest your abilities while focusing on business development

Clearly demonstrate value of advice and best interest through the portfolio modelling capabilities