Our capabilities

We provide in-depth, quality research covering traditional managed funds, listed products and alternative assets. Our research is developed by our highly experienced team of over 40 investment research analysts and investment consultants.

Our investment research approach

Our products and services

Financial product ratings and investment research

We provide an objective assessment of each product’s ability to meet its stated goals. We cover traditional managed fund products, listed solutions including ETFs, LICs and ASX 200 shares, and a range of alternative products. Our financial product reviews and ratings provide an objective assessment of a product’s ability to meet its stated objectives, including detailed analysis of all factors impacting that product’s performance.

Investment consulting

Our experienced team of investment consultants work directly with you to deliver bespoke solutions that are tailored to your objectives and requirements. Along with traditional consulting services such as asset allocation advice, APL construction and model portfolio solutions, we also provide specialised retirement products and services, as well as fund capability reviews and customised projects.

Model portfolios

Our model portfolio solutions allow you to easily implement diversified, high-quality investment solutions based on our extensive managed funds research. Gain exposure to our fund manager selection expertise and investment committee views while utilising our forward-looking sector performance data and forecasts.


The growing use of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) to implement managed portfolios reflects the evolving nature of financial advice. With our SMA solutions, you can access professional portfolio management while benefiting from the efficiency and transparency of the managed account structure, along with our robust governance and risk management framework.

iRate – our market leading research platform

Our financial product research and market insights are made available through our market leading iRate platform. Gain full access to our fund reviews and data, as well as product filters that enable you to determine the most suitable investments based on ratings, investment structure, platform, and a range of objectives-based criteria. iRate’s portfolio construction tool enables you to build, model and compare different portfolios across a range of performance metrics.

Our financial product research coverage