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27 May 2019 - Behavioural finance tells us that herd behaviour is hard wired into our brains. As investors we don’t want to miss out on opportunities, especially when we ...

WAAAX, FAANG, and the market’s bucket mentality

By Peter Green Read now

12 Sep 2018 - Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have become a popular way for investors to gain exposure not only to passive indices but to a range of market factors. Smart ...

Not all income is created equal

By Peter Green Read now

5 Jul 2018 - Shareholders burnt by Telstra’s dividend cut and spiralling share price should be wary of high yield shares with attractive dividends but shaky fundamentals. ...

Beware the dividend honeypot—the lesson of Telstra

By Peter Green Read now

29 Jun 2018 - Australia’s small cap shares have continued their extraordinary run of outperformance, returning 4.1% over the past three months to May, and an incredible ...

Small caps shine as Australia’s biggest stocks lag

By Peter Green Read now

20 Jun 2018 - Australian fund managers with a value focused investment strategy are struggling to keep up with the index as the market continues its shift in favour of ...

Value investing has taken a hit in 2018

By Peter Green Read now