Tools & Solutions

Lonsec has long demonstrated its expertise and value to Australian financial professionals by providing quality investment data and market insights. We also understand that business ready web tools bring such data to life.

Super Comparator

Lonsec and SuperRatings have teamed up to provide advisers with the market’s leading super fund comparison tool, Super Comparator.

Ideal for super switching advice support, Lonsec’s Super Comparator offers detailed product comparison of 450+ superannuation funds spanning corporate, government and industry funds. It compares 150+ insurance options, fees and expenses, investment options and more.

The Super Comparator incorporates SuperRatings’ product ratings and where applicable, the Lonsec Research fund rating on the underlying investment options.

These additional rating metrics empower advisers with greater information when providing superannuation advice to clients.

For all enquiries about Lonsec’s Super Comparator, please contact Lonsec Client Services on 03 9623 6300 or

Asset Allocation Toolkit

The Asset Allocation tool uses Lonsec's tested IP to bring asset allocation to life, enabling you to model different allocations to demonstrate the risk return impacts of different asset allocation mixes.

Providing forward-looking analysis, the tools uses forecast data based on a model that has been tested over a number of years, with risk inputs based on historical benchmark data.

Combined, this provides a powerful client engagement tool to demonstrate the projected risk return of different asset allocation mixes. Had clients ask why invest globally? This tool provides a visual demonstration of the benefits of diversification.

For all enquiries regarding Lonsec’s innovative range of on-line research tools, please call (03) 9623 6300 or


iRate is a website designed to help financial advisers choose the most suitable investment products to meet the individual needs of investors, with the support of a large research analyst team available to talk directly with subscribers.

The iRate tools offers:

Portfolio Construction

  • Construct model portfolios
  • Chart outcomes
  • Compare up to five portfolios

Quantitative Analysis

  • Generate up to 14 quantitative analytical charts
  • Export data and images for use in client presentations
  • Full report customisation

For all enquiries about iRate and to request a trial, please contact Lonsec Client services on 03 9623 6300

For all enquiries about iRate, please contact Lonsec Client Services on 03 9623 6300 or