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iRate is our market leading investment research platform providing financial professionals with access to our full range of financial product research, ratings and analytical tools. Powered by one of Australia’s largest investment research and consulting teams and combining cutting edge technology with an intuitive user experience, iRate helps to deliver all of your investment research needs in one platform.

As a financial services professional you can access iRate for 2 weeks for free. Enter your details into the form to get access.

Trial benefits include:

Fund reviews and ratings for over 1000 managed funds

Information and data on over 12,000 financial products

Research and corporate action advice on ASX 200 securities

Quantitative tools for building tailored time-series model portfolios

Customer portfolio performance reports

Fund manager selection expertise across a range of risk profiles

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  • You will receive regular communications to help you on your iRate journey
  • Receive our daily bulletin covering commentary on the latest financial product and market developments
  • Access webinars, educational resources and market update videos
  • Set up ratings alerts for specific financial product rating changes.

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