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Over the last 10 years the financial services industry has experienced a rapidly shifting environment, with changes in regulation, tumultuous markets, and actively evolving technology. Against this backdrop, advice businesses are facing increased cost pressures, clients are scrutinising their investments more closely, and the role of technology in financial services is becoming a key area of focus.

Lonsec Investment Solutions (LIS) assists financial advisers in generating better investment outcomes for their clients in an effective and efficient manner.

Drawing on Lonsec Research’s established research and portfolio construction expertise, LIS provides financial advisers access to a range of model portfolio solutions across listed and unlisted investments via the use of technology solutions, such as managed accounts.

The benefits of accessing the model portfolio insights of LIS via managed accounts include:

  • Access to professional portfolio construction expertise — leveraging Lonsec Research’s broad research and portfolio construction skills
  • Efficient portfolio implementation — no requirement for ROAs, switching and rebalancing implemented in an efficient manner
  • Strong portfolio governance process — underpinned by Lonsec’s investment committee process, formal portfolio risk guidelines
  • Client-beneficial ownership of underlying assets, enabling financial advisers to spend more time with their clients.

The portfolios closely track Lonsec Research’s long standing notional model portfolios which are underpinned by 20 years’ experience in the wealth creation sector with an established process and governance framework.

White label and tailored solutions

In addition to LIS’s in-house Separately Managed Account (SMA) portfolios, financial planning groups and other institutions can leverage LIS’s experience in portfolio construction and managed accounts to develop their own managed account portfolios. LIS’s services can be tailored to individual client requirements. LIS offers an end-to-end solution. Our services include:

  • White labelling LIS’s existing model portfolio IP or tailoring specific solutions for clients i.e. clientbranded managed account portfolios
  • Establishment of investment committee processes e.g. committee charters
  • Investment committee participation
  • Facilitation of managed account platform operational requirements e.g. portfolio due diligence, mandate establishment, PDS content
  • Ongoing portfolio management e.g. investment switches or rebalancing.

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