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12 Sep 2018 - By Richard Brandweiner, Chief Executive Officer – Pendal Group Australia

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Pendal Retirement Innovation Award 2018

By Casey Brown Watch now

4 Sep 2018 - Thank you for joining in the conversation Thank you for attending this year’s Retirement Symposium and joining in the conversation. We hope you found ...

Thank you for attending the Lonsec Retirement Symposium

By Casey Brown Read now

2 Sep 2018 - Following an extensive market search, Lonsec is pleased to announce the appointment of Libby Newman to the role of Executive Director of Lonsec Research. Ms ...

Libby Newman appointed Executive Director of Lonsec Research

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16 Aug 2018 - Originally published by Investor Strategy News, 12 August 2018 There’s a whole industry that has developed around providing advice for good “leadership”. ...

Footy legend Brendon Gale’s lessons in leadership for super funds

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15 Aug 2018 - Volatility has died down since the dramatic spike witnessed in February 2018, but a return to near-historic lows should raise eyebrows among investors. The ...

Australian markets are becoming complacent

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6 Aug 2018 - In the wake of Facebook’s plummeting share price, there has been much talk of the so-called FAANG shares and their earnings performance. But investors should ...

It’s time to drop the FAANG label

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30 Jul 2018 - Investors sticking to the traditionally high quality, conservative part of global bond markets may be surprised to learn that they are more exposed to ...

Investors risk exposure to ‘glittering junk’

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12 Jul 2018 - What can fund managers learn from the most successful World Cup teams? For every on-field win, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, and the same is ...

How to build a World Cup winning investment team

By Gordon Toy Read now

12 Jul 2018 - Don’t bother calling your broker when the World Cup is on the TV. Analysis of share volumes shows there is a noticeable dip in the number of trades during ...

Traders driven to distraction during World Cup

By Gordon Toy Read now

5 Jul 2018 - Shareholders burnt by Telstra’s dividend cut and spiralling share price should be wary of high yield shares with attractive dividends but shaky fundamentals. ...

Beware the dividend honeypot—the lesson of Telstra

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3 Jul 2018 - India has been a high performing component of the emerging market and Asian indices over the past five years, driven by compelling demographics supporting ...

Indian summer for emerging market investors

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29 Jun 2018 - Australia’s small cap shares have continued their extraordinary run of outperformance, returning 4.1% over the past three months to May, and an incredible ...

Small caps shine as Australia’s biggest stocks lag

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