Lonsec Research   ⟩   Our Capabilities

In depth quality reseach

Covering traditional managed funds, listed products and alternative assets, our research is developed by our highly-experienced team of over 40 investment research analysts and investment consultants.

Our investment research approach

Face-to-face meetings

Commitment to physical, on-site assessment of people and processes

Global trips

Regular global trips to meet with fund managers in developed and emerging markets

Rigorous peer review

All fund ratings ratified by Lonsec Research's senior analyst team

Our investment product research coverage

Our investment product research and ratings are designed to provide you with an objective assessment of each product’s ability to meet its stated goals. Navigate the vast array of investment products on the market and understand all the factors that affect a product’s performance.

Model portfolio outperformance

Lonsec's model portfolios allow you to easily implement tailored, institutional grade portfolios. Gain exposure to our manager selection expertise and investment committee views, create diversified investment solutions, and utilise our forward-looking sector performance data and forecasts.