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Superior financial product market intelligence

We provide investment research and insights across a range of listed and unlisted investment products, including traditional managed funds, listed products, ASX 200 shares and alternative assets.

Our aim is to deliver investment research that matches the depth and sophistication of our clients’ financial advice, while giving them the cutting-edge tools they need to practical insights that add real value create tailored investment solutions.

- Libby Newman, Executive Director, Lonsec Research

Managed funds research

Deep resources

We commit to a physical, on-site assessment of the fund’s people and processes, giving you a first-hand view of how the fund operates

Rigorious methodology

Our Fund Reviews represent an objective assessment of the fund’s ability to meet its stated objectives, allowing you to understand the key factors impacting performance

Expansive coverage

We have the most expansive fund review coverage of our competitors, including Australian and global equity and income, diversified, listed property, infrastructure, alternatives and direct assets

Direct equity research

Full ASX 200 share coverage
Access a full suite of research on ASX 200 shares updated daily, including bottom-up analysis of key holdings

Ready-made direct solutions
Take advantage of our share selection and portfolio construction expertise to provide ready-made direct solutions for your clients

Never miss an opportunity
Receive daily updates on the latest corporate actions and Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) so you can move quickly to capture value

Listed investment products

Expansive coverage of listed investment products, including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and mFunds. Our managed funds research process is adapted to the type of fund structure to ensure all relevant factors are taken into account, including the indexation method (for index funds), transparency, liquidity, governance issues (for LICs) and capacity.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Research and ratings covering 144 of 162 ETF products listed on the ASX

Listed Investment Companies (LICs)

Growing LIC coverage based on Lonsec's specialised research methodology

Listed property

Expansive coverage of Australian and global listed property and infrastructure products

Our direct equity ratings

Our direct equities research allows you to answer the three critical questions of share investment.

What should I buy?

Our overall Approved or Not Approved rating allows you to determine which shares should be considered for inclusion in your portfolio

Why should I buy it?

Each shares is given an income and growth rating that enables you to determine how the share can be used to get exposure to different investment styles

When should I buy it?

The action signal for each share determines whether the share is Undervalued, Fairly Valued or Overvalued, allowing you to time your purchase or sale

Our research methodology

Along with the fund's overall rating, each Fund Review provides a detailed overview of strengths, weaknesses, and risk characteristics of the product, including people and resources, research process and portfolio construction, risk management and performance.