Direct equities research

Our direct equities research provides you with the insights and tools to create high quality, tailored share portfolios. Using iRate’s product filter, you can identify the most suitable shares for your client while meeting your best interest obligations.

By accessing our share selection and portfolio construction expertise, you can build tailored portfolios based on your client’s individual investment requirements.

Coverage of ASX 200 shares updated daily

Our direct equities research team provides coverage on all ASX 200 listed securities, including detailed bottom-up analysis on key holdings. Direct equity investments can play a vital role in your client’s portfolio, either as a standalone solution or in combination with managed fund exposures.

Subscribers to the direct equities component of our iRate platform receive:

  • Research on ASX 200 companies updated daily
  • Corporate action and Initial Public Offering (IPO) research
  • Specialist research on ASX-listed income securities (hybrids)
  • In-depth ETF analysis using our proprietary index funds research methodology

Our direct equity ratings

We issue a Stock Viewpoint on each ASX 200 share, which includes an overall Approved or Not Approved rating, along with ratings for income and growth potential, and an action signal that identifies whether the share is under- or over-valued. Our direct equity ratings move beyond the traditional ‘buy-hold-sell’ approach, evaluating securities on a relative risk-reward basis rather than outright return potential.

Our direct equities research allows you to answer the three key questions:

Our overall Approved or Not Approved rating allows you to determine which shares should be considered for inclusion in your portfolio.

Each share is given an income and growth rating that enables you to determine how the share can be used to meet these specific investment objectives.

The action signal for each share determines whether the share is Undervalued, Fairly Valued or Overvalued, allowing you to time your purchase or sale.

Direct equity model portfolios

Our direct equity model portfolios allow you to take advantage of our share selection and portfolio construction expertise to provide ready-made solutions for clients. By accessing our share selection and portfolio management expertise, you can provide your clients with the benefits of direct share ownership through a simple, tailored process.

Backed by the resources of the Lonsec group, the equities research team leverages of the resources and various experts with Lonsec research and investment consulting to produce high quality research and a professional approach to portfolio management.

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