Investment consulting

With over 65 years of combined industry and financial markets experience, our investment consulting team leverages our investment research and insights to create actionable, targeted advice for our clients. Our position at the nexus of Australia’s financial advice and investment industry enables us to provide practical insights that add real value to our investment and advice solutions.

Tailored investment consulting solutions

We partner with you to create a personalised solution that aligns to you and your client’s needs. A key part of our engagement process is to identify how we can maximise the value of our services by meeting your individual objectives and criteria for success.

Our end-to-end offering covers traditional investment consulting services, specialised retirement solutions and customised projects.

Asset allocation advice

Empower your asset allocation framework with our high-quality data, models and portfolio construction expertise. Access our strategic and dynamic asset allocation insights developed through our rigorous investment committee process.

Approved Product List (APL) construction and advice

Take advantage of the full depth of Lonsec’s rated product universe. Construct tailored or flexible APLs based on different risk profiles and investment objectives, with full confidence in the quality and suitability of your client’s investment options.

Model portfolios

Easily implement tailored, institutional grade portfolios based on our extensive managed funds research. The Lonsec Core Model Portfolios allow you to gain exposure to our fund manager selection expertise and investment committee views across a range of different risk profiles.

Portfolio performance and reporting

Access detailed performance reports and factsheets for all Lonsec Core Model Portfolio profiles, updated quarterly. Generate white label performance reporting solutions for our model portfolios or your own portfolio.

Investment committee participation

Optimise your investment decision-making with specialised asset allocation and portfolio construction expertise. Gain total confidence in your investment process with fresh perspectives and the full backing of Lonsec’s investment research. Identify new investment opportunities and improve the way your committee makes and supports its decisions.

Specialised products and services

Our strategic relationship with global actuary Milliman enables us to provide specialist retirement advice and solutions on liability matching portfolio construction. Our Industry Panel of leading global managers provide expert insights on retirement investing.

Retirement model portfolios

Access our objectives-based retirement portfolios that aim to generate sustainable income in retirement, as well as capital growth. Our portfolio construction expertise, along with our extensive financial product coverage, enables us to produce high-quality, diversified investment solutions with a focus on liability matching.

Capability reviews

Maximise your product reach and manage the risks associated with bringing new financial products to market with pre-product launch due diligence. Understand where your financial product fits in the market, capture your target investor base and enhance your prospects for platform inclusion.

Bespoke solutions

Our consulting services can be customised to meet the specific requirements of you and your clients. We build bespoke solutions for your business, investment capabilities and clients. We engage with key stakeholders across the industry to ensure the advice we deliver is consistent, relevant and practical.

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